Workers' compensation was invented in 1884

  • Medical

    If a team member gets sick or is injured due to their work, they’re covered for related medical care.

  • Disability

    Your team is covered for wage restoration associated with time off due to disabilities.

  • Death

    If a death occurs in a work-related incident, benefits are paid to families’ when they need it most.

We’ve made a few changes

A modern approach to workers’ compensation.

  • Instant quotes, great prices

    You’ll get a quote as soon as you sign up, and then be able to manage your policy, employees, and bills online. Say goodbye to paperwork.

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  • Pay as you go

    We sync directly to your payroll. No installment fees, paperwork, or down payments. You can forget about surprise bills and audits. With Glow, you know exactly how much you owe every month.

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  • Guided care

    We’re standing by to help you and your team resolve issues quickly and get the care they need. A fast and transparent claims process ensures you know what’s going on from start to finish.

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  • On-the-go training

    When your employees get hurt, your business hurts too. Keep safety top of mind by sending automated safety prompts - like text messages or short video clips. It saves you time on training, and keeps your employees safe.

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24/7 Coverage

Because life extends beyond work.